About Us

Intellegere Project is a student run organization located in Green Bay, WI founded in July of 2018. We are unaffiliated with any university. We seek to advocate on behalf of progressive causes through civil discourse and empower others to do the same.

Progress succeeds understanding 

Cory Rauch

Advocacy Director

I was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I served 7 years in the US Air Force,Corywhere I met my wife, Krissy, a native of Cecil, Wisconsin. After several years of relocations and temporary assignments Krissy and I, along with our son Evan, decided to settle down in Green Bay. I currently study Cognitive Science at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. I’m deeply interested in questions related to human decision making and the developmental process. Knowing the tremendous importance that education has on well-being and as a parent of a child who will be entering Wisconsin’s public school system I’m highly motivated to improve the state of education.

Anna Hoesley

Advocacy Director – Environmental Affairs

AnnaI am originally from the western side of Wisconsin, growing up along the Mississippi River. After graduating from Cochrane-Fountain City High School, I moved to Green Bay, WI for college. Currently, I am preparing to graduate this December from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Environmental Policy and Planning. While at the university, I have been lucky to have many opportunities through campus/community organizations, internships, and jobs to work on issues and solutions relating to education, the environment, conservation, activism, and ethics. I care deeply about finding and sharing the information people need to make informed decisions that will affect their health and the environment surrounding them

Joseph Prestley

Advocacy Director – Social Justice

I arrived in this state at the age of four as a transplant Joey Headshotfrom Electric City, Washington to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I currently reside in Green Bay with my family nearby. My time in Northeastern Wisconsin has familiarized me with the region’s uniquely shifting culture and the problems therein. Currently, I am student at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay where I study English literature, philosophy, and world culture. Through the course of my studies and personal experiences, I began to recognize a historical pattern of deep-seated biases influencing people, art, and politics. History proves that unless discriminatory practices and the theoretical frameworks which justify them are put to bed, they rearise in new and more dangerous forms. Through my work with the Intellegere Project, I aim to expose the local manifestations of centuries-old traditions of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, transphobia, and sexual orientation discrimination.