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Local Watchdogs: Citizens for a Clean Wausau

Out of concern for current environmental challenges and a lack of government action against potentially harmful projects in their area, an intergenerational mix of volunteers from throughout Wausau have come together in solidarity.

Citizens for a Clean Wausau formed in 2018, adopting the mantle of “citizen watchdogs,” and stressing the need to maintain an observant eye over former and current polluters in the Wausau area. The group operates through a steadfast dedication towards promoting local action through a thorough commitment to research, communication, and education. [1]

Most notably is the group’s steadfast dedication to exposing soil, air and groundwater pollution linked to Thomas Street’s infamous Wauleco Site:

  •  On January 21st a report released information indicating sewer samples taken on January. 8th by the Wausau Water Works, revealed wastewater contamination by pentachlorophenol in four of six manholes on the city’s west side. Residents have repeatedly expressed concern over the state of soil and groundwater toxicity. [2]
  • Penta is toxic to human health, leading to impacts on the kidneys, liver, eyes, skin, respiratory tract, and immune system through short-term ingestion and acute inhalation. [2]
  • On February 26th, Citizen’s for a Clean Wausau issued a request to the DNR for further testing to be done on the manholes in the area of the Thomas Street neighborhood. [3]
  • On March 11th Citizen’s for a Clean Wausau was commended by members of the DNR and DHS during a Wausau Parks & Rec meeting for the vital role their documentation and research on improper wood burning by SNE Corp and Wauleco has played in their investigations. [4]

Despite investigations, on June 18th, Citizen’s for a Clean Wausau released a video exposing illegal drainage into the Wisconsin River by private contractors working in the Thomas Street area. The issue was immediately addressed by the Wausau Public Works. However, the next day, evidence of illegal drainage was again found. [5]

You can stay up to date with Citizens for a Clean Wausau by following them on Facebook.

Written for Intellegere Project by: Lee Stedman


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