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Oshkosh Mayoral Race

On April 2nd 2019, Oshkosh voters will get to choose their mayor for the next two years.  Presently, there are three candidates on the ballot headed for a primary run-off on February 19th 2019. With the deadline for nominations having expired on January 2nd 2019, the confirmed candidates on the ballot are as follows:

  • Incumbent Mayor Steve Cummings.
  • Current deputy Mayor Lori Palmeri.
  • Local pub owner Nathan Stiefvater.

On Thursday January 31st 2019, all three candidates presented themselves at a candidates’ forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Winnebago County.

Cummings, seeking his third two-year term in the role opened the forum with a declaration of intent to continue with his work, stressing that:

We must stay on a progressive path while remaining fiscally responsible and not go backward, not one single step.” [1]

Cummings made a point of emphasizing the impact of bringing in private investment over the last 24 months, referencing the Oshkosh Riverwalk as a prime example. [2]

Palmeri has been deputy Mayor of Oshkosh since 2018 and seeks to take over from her boss. Palmeri is stressing the need for the voters of Oshkosh to have a choice and has stressed her pragmatism and community inclusiveness.

Stressing her record in the areas of affordable housing and urban development and regeneration she says:

I have demonstrated the ability to look at issues from both sides” [3]

Stiefvater is the self-confessed dark horse in this three-way race.  As the owner of a downtown Oshkosh pub, he identifies the importance of engaging with the community and also as an advocate for small businesses in the area. [4]

With just the three candidates, the primary of February 19th 2019 will of course narrow the field down to just two and with Stiefvater the outsider, the likelihood is that it will come down to a Cummings v Palmeri showdown on April 2nd 2019.

Written for Intellegere Project by: David Hewitt, MIS, BSc


[1] & [2] https://youtu.be/YSxR1TgKRjk

[3] & [4] https://oshkoshherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Oshkosh-Herald-January-9-2019.pdf


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