Beau Liegeois and Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District

Beau Liegeois is the Democratic contender for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District in the forthcoming November 2018 mid-term elections. He is challenging Republican incumbent Mike Gallagher.

A lifelong native of Green Bay, Liegeois is an Assistant District Attorney in Brown County and also has the distinction of having served eight years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

As a member of Congress, Liegeois will advocate and work for a range of policies that will benefit the many, not the few, in both Wisconsin and the US as a whole.

Some of Liegeois’ key policy positions include:

  • Healthcare

Liegeois is committed to ensuring that everyone in Wisconsin has affordable medical coverage so as to remove the burden of worry that the current inequitable health-care system creates. [1]

  • Fighting for the working people of Wisconsin

For years now, Congress, in Republican hands, has repeatedly fallen short on behalf of working families in Wisconsin.  This inaction by Congress prompted Liegeois to make the decision to run for office and pledge his commitment to actually helping, and not hindering, working families across Wisconsin. [2]

  • Opposing the Trump administration’s border control policies

President Trump is overseeing the immoral, illegal and abhorrent practice of separating children from parents as they cross the southern border into the US.  Liegeois is opposed to this reprehensible policy and encourages a change in leadership in Washington to bring this to an end. [3]

Beau Liegeois represents a new wave of forward thinking, responsive and genuine Democratic candidates standing for office this fall.  After recent years of Republican mismanagement at all levels of government, Liegeois will bring the much needed change that the people of the 8th District, Wisconsin and the US badly need.

[1]:  https://www.ballotready.org/wi/wisconsin-u-s-house-of- representatives-wisconsin-8th-congressional-district/beau-liegeois

[2]:  https://beauforcongress.com

[3]  https://twitter.com/beauforcongress/status/1009283318616133632

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