Randy Bryce for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District

Randy Bryce is an American real deal. As a veteran, union ironworker and cancer survivor, Bryce is running for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District on a platform of fighting for working families in the state.

Noted for his trademark moustache, “Ironstache” Bryce is up against the heir apparent to Paul Ryan, Republican Bryan Steil, in this November’s mid-term elections.

Some of Bryce’ more high-profile policy positions include:

  • A system of single-payer healthcare on the basis of Medicare for all; [1]
  • A living wage for working Americans; [2]
  • Mandatory background checks for all gun sales eliminating the strangle-hold that the NRA has over related policy; [3]
  • Full support for the New Green Deal. [4]

Single-payer health care:

Bryce has intimate knowledge of the importance of accessible-health care for all, having experienced his own battle with cancer.  His mother also suffers from multiple sclerosis.  Bryce recognises the unfairness of many Americans struggle under the weight of medical / insurance bills day in and day out and understands that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

A living wage:

As an American with a real history of heavy-duty work behind him, Bryce understands the need for all working people to have a wage that they can actually live. Scraping by pay-check to pay-check, fearful of a medical bill coming in, is something Bryce wants to change.

Gun safety and the NRA:

The vast majority of Americans support mandatory background checks for all gun sales.  This is a common-sense measure that Bryce fully supports in an effort to reduce the blight of out of control gun violence in both Wisconsin and the US. He is also committed to removing the nefarious grip of self-interest that the NRA presently exerts over policy-makers.

A Green New Deal:

Understanding the importance of green, renewable energy, Bryce is committed to investing in the green infrastructure of Wisconsin. Which, in so doing, would create thousands of new jobs as Wisconsin became a leading state in the green energy sector.


[1]  https://www.randybryceforcongress.com/issues/fighting-for-healthcare

[2]  https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/randy-bryce-ironstache-wisconsin-711463

[3]  https://urbanmilwaukee.com/pressrelease/bryce-calls-on-steil-to-to-reject-donations-from-the-nra

[4]  https://www.randybryceforcongress.com/issues/environment



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