Tammy Baldwin’s Pedigree of Opposing Trump

As a member of the Democratic Party, Tammy Baldwin has been serving Wisconsin as junior US Senator since 2013.  Prior to that, Baldwin had an established history of public office, having served in both the Wisconsin Assembly since 1992 and then the US House of Representatives from 1999.

With established progressive credentials, at the end of 2017, Baldwin was ranked 26th most liberal Senator when compared to all other members of the Senate [1].

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Baldwin has been both vocal in her criticism of President Trump and has regularly voted against his agenda in the Senate.

  • Baldwin denounced the Trump administration for its policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the southern border of the US. Speaking on Late Night with Seth Myers in June, Baldwin stressed: “It’s as though the United States government has just kidnapped 2,000 children and there is no plan to reunite them with their parents.” [2]
  • In May this year, Baldwin voted against Trump’s pick for CIA Director, Gina Haspel. Taking particular issue with Haspel’s reluctance to unequivocally condemn torture, Baldwin stated that: “I believe torture is immoral and I am deeply troubled that this nominee would not say it is immoral.” [3]
  • In January 2018, Baldwin voted against the Trump-endorsed proposal to reauthorize warrantless spying program per the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Baldwin detailed concerns as to the lack of transparency previously shown by American intelligence agencies in surveillance of American citizens and the need to protect the constitutional rights of citizens as part of the broader counter-terrorism picture.  [4]
  • Baldwin voted against the Trump endorsed Republican tax plan of December 2017, denouncing it as a “giveaway to the wealthiest few” prior to the vote. [5]
  • FiveThirtyEight’s “Tracking Congress in The Age of Trump”, has identified Baldwin having voted against Trump’s agenda in the Senate 87% of the time [6].

Baldwin has risen quickly risen to prominence as one of the Senate’s more progressive, liberal members.  That has been enhanced by her being both Wisconsin’s first female representative in Congress and also being the first openly gay Senator in its history.

Her overall track record against Trump’s agenda is well-recorded and consequently she stands in stark contrast to her counter-part, senior senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).


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[6]  https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/tammy-baldwin







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